January 19, 2011

Google Advanced Search

You've decided you are going to need a PowerPoint presentation to teach your objective. I would be willing to be you that some teacher somewhere has already taken their precious time creating a presentation on that very same subject. I also bet that same someone has been caring enough to share that PowerPoint via the internet. (Caring is Sharing)

Now, you just need the skills to find that PowerPoint. Google Advanced Search makes it easy for us. After navigating to Google Advance search:
  1. Type in a word or a short phrase in the search box
  2. In The "File Type" select Powerpoint
  3. Click "Advanced Search"
Look at all of the PP's I found.

I would suggest you look at the "quick view" first to see if that is what you are looking for before taking time to open it up in PowerPoint.

Bonus: I also use Google Advanced Search to find "swf " files for my IWB lessons.

1 comment:

  1. Power points should be used sparingly in teaching... Too passive.