January 21, 2011


I have been using Dropbox for sometime now. I am fortunate to have several devices that I routinely work on and Dropbox allows me to sync my files across all my devices instantly. I have dropbox installed on my macbook pro, imac, iPad, and smart phone. There is no reason for me to carry around, and misplace, my flash drive.

One night, when I couldn't sleep, I started thinking about what a great tool dropbox would be for my students. If I had them install dropbox on their computer at school as well as their computers at home they could easily share files between the two. This could be the answer to some of the road blocks many students face:
  • Can I work on this at home?
  • Can I add my own photos?
  • Can I show this to my parents?
  • "I was absent, did I miss anything?"
  • "I lost the template."
This just may be the answer you are looking for also. I recommended you defiantly take advantage of this for your personal use. Let's think about the possibilities dropbox may open for our students.


  1. @MoodleMcKean  from twitter adding that students could also share files through Dropbox. A great idea.

  2. Dropbox is awesome no doubt about that. Actually you don't need to install dropbox on every machine. They can just use the web interface and connect to a shared folder by you.

    Or with google docs the collaboration is built right in. and they can get to that from school or home.

    Thats my google plug in for the day.

  3. You are no allowed to go on Dropbox.com at school