December 20, 2010


Let's face it. In todays world, it is difficult to get our students aware of current events. How about getting our kids "involved" in current events? I believe you will be intrigued with todays find.

Youngzine is just what it sounds like. An online magazine about current events written just for students 8-15 years old. I can always be assured that my students are safe and learning about current events the way they learn best;through online content filled with interactivity and multi-media. My students like "Youngzine" day because they can go into the site and quickly and easily find the current events that appeal to them. They can choose between world news, science and tech, our earth, society and arts, or sports.

I was curious about the origins of Youngzine and found this explanation on their website.
"Youngzine started out in response to a need to create global awareness for our children in a safe moderated environment. Our children are in the age group of 8-15; they are intelligent and are eager to know what is happening around them, but at the same time they are innocent and cannot parse out the sensationalism and biases in mainstream media. If we bring the world within their grasp by explaining the events within the larger context, we are opening their minds and letting their imagination grow."

Youngzine is offering teachers the opportunity to set up student accounts. (I have not taken advantage of that offer because I have over 125 students a day.) If you want to make Youngzine a regular reading assignment for your children, Youngzine provides special features just for you:

  • Each of your classes gets a unique "Classroom Code" that identifies that students in that class.
  • For each of your classes, you get an instant report of each student's activities on the site, including their comments, and how many points they got based on the reading and writing activity.

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