December 12, 2010


In a previous post I talked about Jeopardy Lab, an online game maker designed by Matt Johnson.* I was really excited to see that he has developed yet another FREE tool for educators. Testmoz is a practical and easy to use test maker. Best of all, it's FREE! The most amazing thing is that Mr. Johnson has developed a way for teachers to use this tool without registration. Who has time for that?

I designed this quick technology quiz so you could see the different types of questions.
Matt Johnson, is an undergraduate student at Washington State University, Vancouver. An undergraduate? I am expecting incredible things from him in the future. On behalf of all educators who are using your applications, thank you Matt. (If you read this, please update us on what you are up to now.)


  1. Thanks for blogging about my applications Robin! Semester break is starting next week, and I'll finally have time to work on something new. I don't know what I'll build, but I will let you know when I finish it.

  2. Matt, You are amazing. I know of Jeopardy Lab. Have I missed any other?

  3. Great tool really, I use it with PresentationTube videos at

  4. Best online & 100% free quiz maker