December 15, 2010

Sweet Search

I found a Twenty-First Century Search engine that is SWEET! I really want to be able to teach my students how to use the web for their research; however, when talking to a middle school student the term "google it" scares me. I was so happy when I discovered Sweet Search. Sweet Search is owned by Dulcinea Media, a company committed to supplying students with a search engine that returns results that are accurate, reliable, safe, and understandable.

I have my students set their home page to I love this because the students have something new to look at everyday without me lifting a finger! How's that for an educator's dream? I have my students blog everyday and many times they blog about something they read on the sweet search home page.

The other thing I do with Sweet Search is embed their widget directly into my assignments. You can see a sample here.

Don't miss these added bonuses.

Thank you Dulcinea Media. You have provided us with an incredible tool for our students to use.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing such a neat find. I had seen Dulcinea as a tile on Symbaloo EDU but had not gotten a chance to check it out yet. Now I think it needs to move up on the list of things to do!I like how your students use it for blog ideas!