December 2, 2010

Photo Peach

Photo Peach is a FREE slide show maker and visual online quiz maker all rolled into one. This is a very nice little tool for busy teachers. Photo Peach allows you to upload photos, add captions, music and questions.


SAT Visual Vocab Review on PhotoPeach

I have some teacher friends who get really excited when I show them this feature and the first thing they ask is "where do the grades go?" This is not what I had in mind for these types of quizzes. These are quick formative assessments designed for
self-reflective purposes intended to promote student attainment. You can easily embed them on your blog or wikispace as well as display them using a LCD projector.

This is a Photo Peach I shared with parents after my digital photography unit.

I also had my students (all 125 of them) create photo peach slide shows to share on their wikispace pages.

Can You Use This In Your Classroom?
  • Take photos of your students the first day of school or the first day of the new semester and make a name quiz. I was surprised at the students who did not know everyones name.
  • Science students could upload pictures of chemical changes. A quiz could be designed to test their knowledge on chemical or physical change.
  • Language Arts students can upload a photo of the strangest thing they can find and use the text feature to add as many adjectives as they can think of.
  • Social Studies could stage a scene that explains or illustrates an amendment or a clause from the Bill of Rights. The teacher could then upload the photos to Photo Peach to make a fun review game.
  • Math students could create a word problem to go along with an interesting photo they found on any of these copyright free photo sites.

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  1. The blog looks great! I love the way you are sharing the ways you are using each tool with students as well as offering other suggestions. Plus the background is so speaking my creative language :)