December 9, 2010

Marvel Comics

It is no secret. Kids, no matter what age, love comics. Why not use our Web 2.0 tools to tap into that love? Using graphic novels is not a new idea for many teachers; however, the FREE digital technologies we can offer our students now allow us to take this to a new level.

Introducing Super Hero Squad using Marvel Comic Characters. This site is pretty unbelievable. Students can make a comic anywhere from one page to twenty-two pages long. No accounts are needed, you simply log on and start creating. You have the option of saving to a PDF or printing directly from the site.


From one of my seventh grade students.

How Can You Use This In Your Classroom?

  • Students could design a comic comparing real life heros to comic book super heros.
  • Students can practice designing simple storyboards in preparation for more complex projects.
Please comment to share your ideas.


  1. I had my students use this site to create comics with the theme of peace. The students found it very difficult to do because they see superheroes as fighters. I actually had to point out to them that they fight for peace!

  2. That is awesome! I am going to try that. Thanks