December 1, 2010


I found yet another FREE 21st century technology tool today. Juxio is a fantastic tool for students to create a two-tiered slide show. Students can easily combine digital photos along with text all combined in a neat little package. The presentation is easily put together and the end project is a professional looking web 2.o representation of the student's work.

I chose to show you a look inside my classroom as an illustration of Juxio. Please follow this link to watch the slide show.

Can You Use This In Your Classroom?
I can think of several ways a classroom teacher can use this tool in their classrooms.
  • Science students could capture the steps of an experiment with their digital cameras, (they could even use their phones) upload them to Juxio, add title and text boxes to explain their hypothesis and conclusions.
  • Language Arts students could use Juxio to make a fast and easy book trailer.
  • Social Studies students could use copyright free photos of American History to create stunning timelines.
  • Math students could create a quiz for their peers by capturing photos of geometric shapes in the architecture of the community and create a Juxio.

If you can add another way, please add your comment below.


  1. Wow! I have never used this program before but I really like what you created with it. I think this is another thing I will have to add to my list to try!

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. You are well on your way. Loved learning something new from you. I'll have to continue looking into Juxio! I also appreciate the copyright free photos. I'm always looking for sites to us in my own blogging and with students!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!


  3. Kathy, tomorrows blog post is fo r you. I have tons of copyright free photo sites.