December 10, 2010

Head Magnet

I discovered yet another great FREE new web 2.0 tool today. Headmagnet is the "smart" way to create online flash cards. I have seen and used many online flash card makers, however, headmagnet goes one step further by predicting the questions you will miss.

Chapter 11 - Motion and Forces
Parts of Brain

How Can I Use This in My Classroom?

One of the nice features is the "share" option. Many teachers have already made lists. It would be very convenient for us to grab one of their list, take our students to a computer lab and have them study for an upcoming assessment. This would be perfect to use as a formative assessment designed for self-reflection.

Students could also create their own accounts and use the information provided on their homepage. Headmagnet provides students with their current strengths and weaknesses, their total study time and other statistics.

Please leave a comment if you have a favorite online flash card maker.

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