December 8, 2010


Geo-Greeting is a cool little web application that I am sure we can all use in our classrooms. In the article, Why U.S. Students Flunk Geography, Dr. Samuel Blumenfled claims when asked to find 10 specific states on a map of the U.S., 89 percent could locate California and Texas, but only 51 percent could find New York. On a world map, Americans could only find seven of 16 countries in the quiz. Eleven percent couldn't even find the U.S. on the map, and 29 percent couldn't find the Pacific Ocean. *

I believe U.S. educators have an obligation to teach geography every time the opportunity presents itself. Using Geo-Greeting is a fun way to accomplish this goal.

Geo-Greeting uses the power of Google Earth by pinpointing overhead imagery of buildings and natural features that are in the shape of letters. Users can spell out a sentence, word, greeting, name, etc. Simply type the letters into a box one at a time. The letters are displayed in a call out box on the map, along with a link to the location of the item being used to represent that letter.

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Can I Use This In My Classroom?

  • If you have a classroom blog this would be a great way to send a message to students.
  • Teachers could present spelling words or vocabulary words using geo-greetings.
  • It would be a fun activity to hold a contest having students spell their names with two winners; the farthest away and closest to your location.
I am sure there are a million other ideas. Please comment below to share your idea of how to use Geo-Greeting in your classroom.

Blumenfeld, By Samuel. "Why U.S. Students Flunk Geography." A Free Press for a Free People. Web. 08 Dec. 2010.

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