December 29, 2010

The one thing that drives me crazy is getting students to websites. I was taking so much of my time saying " Type in www......" No matter how slow I would say it, there would still be one or two students who would type in the URL incorrectly. Then, I found is a website that allows us to store multiple website addresses we would like to present to our class. After that, students simply type in one address and are able to sift through several websites that are already linked.

This is a list of my favorite blogs.

How Can I Use This in My Classroom?

Using is a great way to present a list of websites to students. Once you type in the websites, gives you one short address. You can then add that address to a blog or wiki. This is a great way to introduce students to internet research, and control the websites they have access to.

Teachers could also use to share the list of websites with students after class (with a unique URL) so they can consult them at a later date. would also be a great way to organize ourselves for a lecture or a presentation. There is no longer a need to scramble to type in long addresses while your audience watches.

Can you think of another way to use Please comment below.

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