December 2, 2010

Bit Strip

My students love to make comic strips. Somehow, when I turn their assignments into a comic book assignment, the magic begins. They forget they are in school and they start to enjoy themselves. Mind you, learning is still happening, they just don't know it.

There are several good online comic makers; however, my students and I enjoy using BitStrip. One of the main reasons I like this tool is because I was able to make one class site for all of my students to use. They all (125 of them) signed in using the same user name and password. I had them name their Bitstrip their name and then they were able to edit their strips after I had a chance to grade them.

This is a sample of a BitStrip that I posted on my daily assignment page.

These are some samples straight from my seventh grade students. I asked them to use BitStrip to illustrate a concept they were learning in their favorite subject.

Can You Use This In Your Classroom?
  • Teachers can use BitStrip to make easy directions for students to follow about classroom procedures. Possibly how to deal with a bully and other peer pressures they are facing.
  • BitStrip includes several space alien characters. Science students could tell the story of the Life Cycle of a Star or Space Travel through the eyes of these characters.
  • Language Arts students could interpret a written work in pictorial form.
  • BitStrip is filled with popular political figures. Social Studies students could create interview scenarios with famous presidents.
  • Math students could create a a visual "how to" guide in solving a difficult problem. They could create a scene between two students who are studying together.
Do you have another way you use Bitstrip or other online comic makers? Please leave a comment below.


  1. This was very helpful. I will use it in my 8th grade journalism class and maybe my 8th grade language arts classes too.

  2. Mr. B., I hope you have a great time with this. Please share your results.