December 11, 2010

Audio Boo

AudioBoo is a very simple all in one web platform that allows us to effortlessly record and upload audio to share with our students, parents, colleagues and administrators.

Sample This is from Edgewood 8th grade teacher Chris Holland, aka Mr. 21! What an amazing job he is doing with his 21st century skills.
In this sample, Mr Holland set up his own AudioBoo page, however, it is very easy to embed your audioboos onto your blog or wiki.

How Can I Use This in My Classroom?
Now hang on, I'm about to suggest a radical idea. One great thing about AudioBoo is that it is available on several platforms incBulleted Listluding ipod, iphone and android. I suggest we allow the students who have this technology in their pocket to use it.
  • Students could post one boo a day for a month, sharing about their learning experience.
  • Students could post a boo for every step of a project they are working on.
  • Students could use AudioBoo to set goals for the semester, quarter, month, or week.
  • Students could use AudioBoo to practice pronunciation for a foreign language they are trying to master.
  • Students could conduct an interview.
  • Students could record themselves practicing a speech, an instrument, or vocal technique.
  • Teachers can record a summary of the days lesson.
  • Teachers can record directions to a project. (How many times do you repeat directions?)
  • Teachers can record the lesson for the day if their is an absentee required.
  • Teachers can record students reading and easily save them for a comparison from a sample recorded at a later time.
There are only a million and one other ways to use this very simple Web 2.0 tool. How many can you think of? Please comment below.

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